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Featured on History Channel

History Channel - "How the Earth was Made: America's Gold"

In 2010, History Channel aired an episode of its popular "How the Earth was Made" series titled: "America's Gold".  The hour long episode focused on gold in Nevada and California, and finished with a segment on the future of gold exploration in the region, which focused on NGE and featured Wade Hodges, NGE's President & CEO.  Below there is a link to a short clip from the segment.

IMPORTANT: The television show was not produced by NGE and viewers are cautioned that the material: (1) was not prepared by a Qualified Person as defined in National Instrument 43-101, (2) contains inaccuracies, and (3) should not be relied upon as any indication or suggestion of possible future results.  The episode is very much "made for TV" and contains several simplifications, exaggerations, and unsubstantiated predictions; however, NGE believes it provides excellent visuals to convey the general concepts, historical context, scale, and nature of NGE's groundwater chemistry exploration program.  NGE is providing the link below for the sole purpose of helping persons already interested in NGE, particularly those from non-technical backgrounds, better understand NGE's approach to gold exploration in Nevada.

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