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NGE manages exploration risk by focusing exploration resources in specific, planned stages.  The results of each stage are used to direct the resources on the following stages.  To date, NGE has completed the following exploration stages at Kelly Creek (images are from Kelly Creek):



  • 97 Groundwater Chemistry Samples

NGE has completed a large scale reconnaissance groundwater sampling program across the Kelly Creek Basin, collecting 97 samples and analyzing each for gold and 80 other trace elements using ultra low level mass spectrometry.

The results successfully delineated a significant area of geochemically anomalous groundwater chemistry with concentrations of gold in the same order of magnitude as those found in the groundwater surrounding the nearby major gold mines in the Kelly Creek Basin.



  • 1,100 Gravity Stations (200m Grid)

In the spring of 2010, NGE worked with an exploration group with non-competing interests to complete a detailed gravity geophysics survey at Kelly Creek.  The survey included 1,100 new gravity stations on a 200 by 200 metre (650 x 650ft) grid for a total of approximately 60 km2 (23 mi2) covering the southern half of the Kelly Creek Project.

The gravity survey confirms a large area of shallow bedrock trending from Marigold and Lone Tree on the south, to Getchell, Turquoise Ridge, and Twin Creeks on the north.  The survey also identifies zones of N-S trending rapid changes in bedrock relief suggesting underlying N-S fault zones, like those known to control mineralization elsewhere in the region.  The area of shallow bedrock is also coincident with the area of anomalous groundwater chemistry.