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Exploration History

From 1980 to 1983 AmSelco and Superior Oil held claims four miles to the south of the current South Grass Valley Project area, covering exposures of a lower plate carbonate window.  AMAX and several individual claimants became interested in the same area from 1986 to 1988, and again from 1997 to 2004.  From 1999 to 2000, Kennecott established a claim position in the southern area that included the southern end of the current South Grass Valley Project, but showed no interest in the larger part of the current area of anomalous gold in groundwater chemistry.  From 2004 to 2013, Carl Pescio held claims previously staked by Kennecott close to the areas of exposed lower plate carbonate and vended his holdings to ANG Central.  Newmont was active in the area for one year in 2006, and Cortez Gold Corp was also active in the area in 2008.  From 2009 to 2011, Kinross held claims in the volcanic terrain located along the exposed range front several miles to the west of the Project.

While other groups have been active around the periphery of the Project, the area of current exploration interest on the South Grass Valley Project has not yet been the focus of any significant exploration to date.

NGE Work to Date

NGE identified the South Grass Valley Project as part of its regional hydrogeochemistry exploration program.  Because of its prospective regional geology and proximity to world class gold deposits, NGE identified Grass Valley as a high priority area of interest and collected groundwater samples across the valley using NGE’s proprietary hydrogeochemistry exploration technology.  NGE began its sampling efforts at the northern end of Grass Valley, and the first target NGE identified was the Grass Valley Project, which is now being advanced by McEwen mining under an exploration partnership.

As NGE continued to collect groundwater samples further south in Grass Valley, NGE delineated a second area of highly anomalous gold in groundwater with gold concentrations in the same order of magnitude as those found in the upper levels of groundwater above the Getchell and Twin Creek gold deposits (as published by David Grimes of the US Geological Survey in 1995), as well as in the groundwater at NGE’s other projects.  NGE has now acquired this area by staking claims to establish the South Grass Valley Project.