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While the South Grass Valley Project represents an early stage grass roots exploration project, NGE believes the presence of very high concentrations of gold in groundwater along a regionally important structural corridor known for hosting world class gold deposits is a compelling and exciting new exploration target.  To move the South Grass Valley Project forward, NGE believes that the next phases of work at the Project should focus on:

  1. Detailed air magnetic geophysics to separate the areas underlain by younger volcanic rocks from those areas likely underlain by older intrusive rocks, and to delineate lithologic contacts, intrusive margins, and possible fault zones;
  2. Detailed gravity geophysics to establish relative depth to bedrock, and to delineate lithologic contacts and areas of possible faulting and/or hydrothermal alteration;
  3. A detailed hydrogeochemistry sampling program to precisely delineate the areas with anomalous groundwater upwelling – this has proved to be a very important tool at the Grass Valley Property to the north; and
  4. A combination of detailed range front geologic mapping, sage brush sampling, and/or mercury soil gas sampling to provide the context to integrate the exploration datasets, and to further confirm the spatial extent and orientation of the anomalous geochemistry.

Nevada Exploration Inc. is currently seeking a joint venture partner for the South Grass Valley Project.  To learn more about this property and other joint venture opportunities, please contact James Buskard, Vice President Corporate Development, at (775) 359 7740 or