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Nevada Exploration Inc.’s (“NGE”)  business is gold exploration in Nevada.

Traditional exploration methodologies work well where bedrock is exposed, but are challenged where bedrock is covered.  Approximately half of Nevada’s bedrock is exposed, and much gold has been discovered there.  There is likely an equivalent amount of gold remaining to be found in Nevada’s covered half, but new exploration technology is needed to find it.

NGE has developed innovative proprietary exploration technology to test directly for gold in covered bedrock environments using a sampling medium that to date has largely been ignored: groundwater.  When groundwater flows near a concealed, covered gold deposit, it retains a unique kind of chemical “memory” or “scent” of the encounter.  NGE uses its proprietary technology to identify the unique groundwater chemistry scent associated with gold mineralization and to follow it back up-stream to search for its potentially gold-bearing bedrock source.

Groundwater chemistry is an important emerging exploration technology.  When used alone in covered bedrock settings, conventional exploration technologies are risky.  Groundwater chemistry exploration technology reduces exploration risk by focusing conventional exploration on areas most likely to contain large, near-surface, oxidized gold deposits.  NGE is the first to apply modern groundwater chemistry exploration technology in Nevada and is currently advancing a portfolio of properties exhibiting groundwater chemistry similar to that found at Nevada’s major gold mines.

Once NGE has used groundwater chemistry to identify exploration targets, the Company then applies a staged exploration program to delineate and test prospective drill targets.  NGE’s risk managed exploration program is designed to test targets quickly.  Properties that show promise are advanced, properties that don’t are dropped.  Once NGE has demonstrated that a property exhibits gold mineralization, NGE works to partner with well funded and technically competent groups to move the property through the later stages of development.