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Groundwater Chemistry – Exploration’s Leading Edge

Groundwater Chemistry is an important new exploration tool that can provide valuable geological information in covered settings.  While government and industry have recently begun working together to develop groundwater chemistry exploration methodologies in other parts of the world, NGE is the first group to advance groundwater chemistry exploration in Nevada.  NGE is well ahead of the competition in the practical application of groundwater chemistry for gold exploration.  NGE has:

  • Compiled the most comprehensive groundwater chemistry database in Nevada,
  • Completed the first ever groundwater chemistry exploration survey of Nevada,
  • Modeled the groundwater chemistry at 31 known gold deposits,
  • Identified 33 new exploration targets, and
  • Acquired specialized groundwater sampling equipment to direct ongoing exploration.

NGE has proven that elevated concentrations of gold in groundwater can provide a direct indication of gold in bedrock prior to investing resources in land acquisition or conventional exploration.  NGE is the first exploration company in Nevada to emphasize the use of groundwater chemistry as a means of reducing risk and leveraging exploration resources into properties with the highest probability of success.

NGE’s groundwater chemistry exploration technology has created a new field of investigation largely free from competition.  For a comparably small investment, NGE is reducing Nevada’s 100,000 square kilometres of covered valleys into discrete targets that warrant further exploration.  NGE is Nevada’s leader in groundwater chemistry exploration and the first to capitalize on this opportunity to identify, acquire, and evaluate targets that others cannot.