Nevada Exploration Inc. is a publicly-traded exploration company focused on gold exploration in Nevada. The Company is led by an experienced management team and is advancing a portfolio of new district-scale gold projects along Nevada’s Cortez Trend.

Nevada’s total gold production to date exceeds 225 Moz, and its current annual production is approximately 5 Moz, about the same as that of all of Canada.  Less than half of Nevada’s bedrock is exposed in its mountain ranges, and the 225 Moz produced to date cluster near these exposed bedrock areas.  The bedrock and geology beneath the cover in Nevada’s valley basins is generally no different than that exposed in its ranges, and so is deemed to be just as prospective; however, these covered areas have seen limited systematic exploration to date because conventional regional-scale geochemical sampling programs are ill-suited to looking under cover.  Furthermore, the high cost of conventional drilling has precluded the wide-spread use of drilling as a follow-up prospecting tool to evaluate meaningful numbers of targets from regional-scale exploration.  The result is that half of Nevada, the world’s highest gold-producing jurisdiction by area, remains underexplored.

Nevada Exploration has spent the last decade integrating the use of hydrogeochemistry (groundwater chemistry) with conventional exploration tools to develop a Nevada-specific regional-scale generative exploration program. With innovative technology, the Company has completed the world’s largest groundwater sampling program for gold exploration, collecting approximately 6,000 samples to evaluate Nevada’s covered basins for new gold exploration targets.

To advance follow-up targets, Nevada Exploration overcame the high drilling costs that previously prohibited the wide-spread use of drilling as a prospecting tool by developing a small-footprint, truck-mounted, small-diameter RC drill rig specifically tailored to the drilling conditions in Nevada’s basins (analogous to RAB drilling in other parts of the world).

By integrating hydrogeochemistry and early-stage low-cost drilling with conventional exploration methods, Nevada Exploration is overcoming the challenges and radically reducing the costs of exploring in Nevada’s covered basins, and is an early leader in opening up this important new search space for district-scale exploration.  Nevada Exploration’s business model is to create shareholder value by leveraging its properties and technology through generative exploration, joint ventures, and other exploration partnerships with the specific goal of discovering large new Carlin-type gold deposits (CTGDs).

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