Nevada Exploration Inc. Signs Generative Exploration Agreement with McEwen Mining Inc.

February 27, 2012

Nevada Exploration Inc. (“NGE”) (TSX.V:NGE) announces the signing of a two-year Exploration Agreement (the “Agreement”) with McEwen Mining Inc. (“MMI”) to generate new gold projects in a 25,000 hectare (95 sq mi) study area in north central Nevada (the “AOI”) using NGE’s proprietary hydrogeochemistry exploration technology.

Under the Agreement, MMI has engaged NGE to complete a hydrogeochemistry sampling program across the large AOI to indentify and delineate discrete new target areas in exchange for a service fee.  Any projects that MMI acquires within the AOI will be deemed Designated Properties.  Upon acquiring a Designated Property, MMI will pay NGE the greater of $25,000 USD or $100 USD per claim, and grant NGE a 30% carried interest in the Designated Property.  MMI will be the manager of the Designated Properties, will have sole discretion on the nature and timing of all exploration and development activities at the Designated Properties, and will be solely responsible for payment of all costs incurred in respect of the Designated Properties.  If MMI elects to continue to maintain a Designated Property, MMI will pay NGE $100,000 USD on the first through fourth anniversaries of acquiring the Designated Property, and then $250,000 USD on each subsequent anniversary.  If MMI completes a Production Decision Report on a Designated Property that MMI deems sufficient to base a decision to commence production, the Designated Property will advance under a Joint Venture agreement.

“With this Agreement, we are leveraging our investment in hydrogeochemistry technology to not only lead and participate in the significant upside of this exciting generative exploration program, but to also generate revenue, moving us closer to our objective of funding exploration through positive cash flow.  We are pleased to further develop our relationship with McEwen Mining, and look forward to working together to identify and advance new projects in this important part of Nevada.” - Wade Hodges, President and CEO of NGE.

Nevada Exploration Inc.

NGE is an exploration company focused on gold in Nevada.  NGE is led by an experienced management team that has been involved with the discovery of more than 30 million ounces of gold in Nevada.

NGE is aggressively applying the latest in “blind deposit” exploration technology to identify, acquire, and advance new exploration properties in Nevada’s highly prospective, yet underexplored covered basins.  Specifically, NGE has developed proprietary hydrogeochemistry (groundwater chemistry) exploration technology to explore for gold in Nevada’s covered basins where traditional exploration techniques are challenged.

Using its industry leading exploration technology, NGE has assembled a portfolio of nine new gold projects, and with over 20,000 hectares (75 sq mi), is evolving as a major player in this world class jurisdiction.  NGE’s business model is to leverage its properties and technology to create shareholder value through generative exploration, joint ventures, and other exploration partnerships.

For further information please contact:
James Buskard
Vice President Corporate Development
Nevada Exploration Inc.
Tel: (775) 359-7740

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